1999-2015 When nobody believed it was possible for a Portuguese surfer to have an international career, we´ve put Tiago Pires on the World Qualifying Series and outlined the path that would eventually see him joining the World Tour for 7 straight years.

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"Facts don't lie.

All surfers experience substantial improvement

in performance and results

since they join

the program."

2019 After seeing a much-anticipated successful career almost slip into oblivion, powerful Frenchman, Timothee Bisso, came to us looking for rescue by the end of 2018. Six months later, Tim has two WQS victories under his belt, climbed the ratings from 161st to 35th and is looking better than ever for World Tour qualification.


2017-2019 Working with Portugal’s two most renowned big wave riders have translated into significant results for both João de Macedo and Alex Botelho. Macedo made two Nazaré Challenge finals out of three events and Alex climbed the ratings all the way to 7th place, before the Big Wave World Tour was killed by the WSL, putting a halt to both surfers’ progression.


2017-2019 Two and a half years working with Portugal’s arguably greatest raw talent, has seen Vasco Ribeiro climb from 75th to 23rd on the WQS ratings, barely missing out the World Tour qualification by 2 heats. Still fighting the good fight…


2016-2019 Struggling in the shadow of his generation bigger names, Miguel Blanco wasn’t making any finals, let alone winning titles in Portugal. Over the course of our professional relationship, in 2017 he made three finals, followed by back-to-back national titles in 2018 and 2019.


2019 Within the Portuguese local scene, we’ve helped two surfers to step up their game in the national league. Tomás Fernandes made three finals in 2019, winning two and finishing the season runner-up to Miguel Blanco, while the young Azorean, Jácome Correia, jumped from 25th to 6th on the ranking, the best result of his career.


2016 Regarded as one of the most talented young female surfers of her generation, Teresa Bonvalot couldn’t translate her potential into trophies. In the three months of working together, she made three straight finals on the European Pro Junior Tour, winning two and becoming European champ.